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· 4 min read

As the complexity of a program increases, software developers need good debugging tools. The ideal debugging process is to identify how to reliably reproduce a problem in a development environment where you can experiment freely, and then create automated tests based on this. However, when the reproduction scenario itself is too complex or the kind of bugs that only occur randomly in production environments, the next best thing is to log in detail so that you can understand what the problem was later. In this post, we introduce the aiomonitor-ng tool we developed to make debugging complex asyncio programs easier.

· 17 min read

이번 글에서는 Python 3.11에 새로 도입될 asyncio.TaskGroup API 및 제가 개발하여 제안 중인 aiotools.PersistentTaskGroup API에 대해 소개합니다. 특히 구조적 병행성(structured concurrency)를 구현하기 위해서 중요한 부분이며, 실제로 Backend.AI 개발 과정에서도 구조적 병렬성이 제대로 지켜지지 않아서 발생한 버그 사례가 있습니다.