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· 3 min read

We are excited to announce the release of version Backend.AI 22.06, an intermediate version between the stable 22.03 release and the upcoming innovative features to be introduced in 22.09 starting from July 2022. Version 22.06 introduces and evaluates various innovative features that will be officially introduced in the stable version 22.09 if they are sufficiently stabilized in this intermediate development version.

· 2 min read

Since the official release of Backend.AI 22.03 in April, additional improvements and bug fixes have been updated.

Backend.AI Core & UI (22.03)

  • Fixed an issue where the current user's login session information was not passed when running an app in wsproxy v2.
  • Provided additional information on exception types so that client-side errors caused by HTTP 404 errors due to incorrect URLs and requesting non-existent data can be distinguished when API exceptions occur.
  • Fixed an issue where folders that should be automatically connected (e.g., folders with names starting with ".") were missing if the user folder was not explicitly connected when creating a computation session.
  • Changed the default value to use the PostgreSQL advisory lock used in the previous version, as there is a multi-threading issue with the gRPC library used in the new etcd-based distributed lock implementation for manager high availability configuration.
  • Fixed a bug where statistics collection for a specific computation session was intermittently not performed correctly due to a race condition between container creation time and lifecycle event handlers.
  • Added a UI that makes it easy to distinguish between Arm and x86-64 architectures in environments that use both.
  • Improved File browser session to work on read-only folders.
  • Fixed many UI typos, translations, and bugs related to internal behavior and settings.

Computation environment support added and improved

  • Added TensorFlow 2.9 environment
  • Optimized JAX/Flax

Forklift (beta)

Forklift, which helps users build arbitrary container images for use in Backend.AI computation sessions, is under development and will be released in beta in mid-June. You can use the additional container image build feature not only through the web UI but also through the API.

  • Forklift exclusive web UI support
  • Monitoring of requested image build status for each user
  • Function to automatically insert arbitrary package installation commands (apt, pip, conda, etc.)
  • Provides automatic Dockerfile creation and preview after specifying build options through the UI.
  • Provides detailed console logs for each build step.
  • Option to download the built image or automatically push it to the specified registry (on/off).

More features are coming soon!